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Fuel Storage Solutions

We are your number one contact for self-bunded containerised fuel storage tank solutions of bulk fuel storage from 1 cubic meter to millions of cubic meter tank farms. Whether you are a small emerging energy entrepreneur starting your own chain of fuel stations, a major mining or oil company looking for instant easily deployed bulk facilities. Our innovative tanks are perfect for the agriculture, fuel retail or construction industry but they also come in handy to every business that wants to store fuel on their premises in order to save time and money. Our tanks transform lives and businesses – they keep inventory and generate reports, they can dispense and offload product from road tankers, they are fully compliant and portable by road, rail and sea: most important they are clean, safe and environmentally friendly.

T Range

10800 Litres
28.000 Litres
61.900 Litres


 TC Range 

From 950  up to 11500 Litres


SC Range

18200 Litres