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New and Second Hand Equipment


With 20 years' experience in sales and service of mobile equipment
know the right machine, supplier and configuration for your business


Side loaders
Side lifters
Gantry Cranes
Rail Road Shunting Equipment
Mobile Harbour Cranes
Straddle Carriers
Containers for fuel storage, intermodal applications, mining


I know the big and small players in this industry - most of them personally. 
I have and in most cases still am dealing in brands like  Hyco, CVS Ferrari,
Belotti, Battioni & Pagani, CES, Steelbro, Transtank.


Wind Energy 


Attachments for various applications are available:
swap bodies
steel tubes
steel coils
pipes e.g. for gas pipelines
concrete and metal structures
wind tower nacelles
wind tower blades

New Products

Container Loader & Mover

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Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

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Preowned Equipment

High Quality Preowned Equipment

High Quality Preowned Equipment

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