What I can do for equipment operators

You are in need for specialised equipment & services to move & lift and store cargo?

Identify the right machine for the job

Based on your requirements and my experience I will identify the best machine to get the job done

Source new or preowned equipment

I can organize a quotes from the supplier, transport as well as assembly and aftersales at destination

Provide network

Over 20 years of experience - I know many people in the industry. Through my network, we can offer port consulting, evaluations, financing 

What I can do for manufacturers

You are a manufacturer of specialised high value equipment and machinery?
I can support your business

Support your existing sales network

 If I receive inquiries from a country where you currently are represented you can check with your local partner if he knows that project. This model doesn't interfere with the dealer

Generate leads from outside your sales network

If I receive inquiries from a country where you currently are not represented – I will inform you about the requirements and we work on the project together

Increase your existing sales network

I can be your exclusive dealer or agent for Germany or South Africa.


In our fast moving and quickly changing business world today trust has become the key element.

I want to be an addition to your existing sales


If we work together, we have bigger chances to be successful.


I have 20 years of business experience and know lots of people
potential customers, suppliers, dealers, agents and products. Let's get that deal done

Contact us

Contact us via Cellphone,Email, Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom or Anymeeting. Just let me know how and when you want to talk and we can make a plan.